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Playing $SNAP, $MCD and $WMT calls  

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Currently have a 8/14 35 call ($0.20) and 9/19 30 call ($0.89) on $SNAP (Snapchat)  35 call down $2 and 30 call up $3.  Earnings on 7/21 so my logic is I got them before premium went up but who knows.

Took $MCD (McDonald's) today as their earnings are on 7/28 and I have noticed daily $3-5 dollar movement so hoping for a pre-earnings run-up even if they don't perform well.  Have 8/21 $210 call for $1.16.  Currently down $18.00

Lastly I took a WMT (Walmart) a few weeks ago after that initial pop on the online Amazon like platform and healthcare news they are launching.  Got a 12/18 $155 call for $1.97, which is currently up $114.00

Overall, my entire portfolio is in these 3 options so I have no cash balance and still down about $400 overall since starting 2 months ago but finally starting to have some logic to my plays.  The goal is to create a cash balance of at least $200 and not re-deposit.  Making sure I have TIME on my plays in case I make a poor play.

I will let you know how these turn out soon!



Posted : 16/07/2020 10:41 pm